About Us

Who We Are?

At Unipoly, we stand as trailblazers at the forefront of gaming evolution, seamlessly bridging the realms of Web2 and Web3 gaming ecosystems. As a dynamic publisher and game studio, our passionate and creative team is committed to delivering unparalleled experiences to players worldwide.

Unipoly is more than a gaming entity; it's a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the industry. With a focus on Web3 gaming, we actively shape the future of interactive entertainment. Our dedication to innovation is exemplified by our successful titles, including Raidfield2, which has garnered acclaim from over 2 million players.

Unipoly goes beyond borders, introducing local talents to a global audience. Through our revolutionary Unipoly Coin blockchain infrastructure, we empower developers to showcase their creations worldwide, fostering a truly interconnected and borderless gaming community.

Unipoly Games continues to develop its own gaming projects with its extensive team that can simultaneously create games for mobile, PC, and console platforms. • Raidfield2 • Six Cube Mystery • Raidfield3 • Xdriver Pro

Unipoly Publisher is a structure that facilitates the web3 integration of web2- based game studios, enabling them to reach broader audiences with their games. Through blockchain integration, it provides the opportunity for innovative revenue models to leverage the advantages of the web3 world.

Unipoly Services are offerings that provide all game studios developing web2 and web3 games with the services they need in a single platform, accelerating their development processes. Leveraging insights gained from Unipoly, these services cater to the diverse requirements of game developers, streamlining their operations effectively.

Introducing Unipoly Coin, a revolutionary GameFi coin where you can earn rewards while having fun with our awesome games. Unipoly Coin will catalyze the Unipoly game ecosystem and boost users' fun. Users are able to earn Unipoly Coin while just playing Unipoly games and using Unipoly apps